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Wow. This app is wonderful. Lets you generate a new key (which other paid apps won't without desktop), encrypts and decrypts perfect, and possibly the greatest feature is its own keyboard in which you can quickly export your keys or encrypt friends messages. Look no further for a pgp client. I would pay $10 for this!!
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What I love about this app is that it is just as easy to encrypt text for an emIl as it is for a sms or instant message Makes pgp truly usable!!!
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Just wanted to say, this is the best pgp app I have found so far and have been searching since about 2012.
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Come on people - this is clearly one of the most useful apps for encrypting & decrypting PGP content. Definitely 5 stars!
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Encrypt anywhere with our Keyboard

Our Keyboard makes it possible to use PGP anywhere you input text.
Encrypt, Decrypt, & Sign
Get the full range of crypto functionality right from the keyboard, anywhere you can type, in any app.
Add & Send Keys
You can share your keys and import new keys right from the keyboard. No context switching required.
Multiple Languages & Layouts
Our keyboard supports typing and autocorrecting in several languages. We also support several different keyboard layouts.

Decrypt Attachments

Decrypt Email Attachments
PGP Email usually comes through as an attached file. Our app extension lets you decrypt text files in any email client of your choosing.
Import Keys
The PGP Everywhere action extension also lets you import keys directy from text files.
Preserve Privacy
PGP Everywhere lets you maintain a higher level of privacy, even with email services that don't prioritize privacy.

More Features

Use in any app
PGP Everywhere's app extensions eliminate the need to go back and forth between an encryption app and the app you're using encryption in. It allows you to use PGP encryption almost anywhere on your phone without even opening our app.
Based on Open Source Cryptography
PGP Everywhere is built on top of an open source, independently audited implementation of Open PGP. Check it out here
Generate Keys
PGP Everywhere allows you to generate 4096 bit RSA key pairs right on your device and then share them as text, a keyserver, or to your computer via USB.
Face ID & Touch ID
With the option to use your Face ID instead of entering your passphrase each time you sign or decrypt, encryption has never been easier. This allows you to use encryption in places where it would have been too cumbersome before, like sms or instant messages.
Open Encrypted Attachments
PGP Everywhere includes an app extension that allows you to open text files and either decrypt the contained message or import the contained keys.
PGP Everywhere includes a keyboard that allows you to encrypt, decrypt, sign, and verify anywhere that you input text.
Search keyservers for public keys or upload your own.
The PGP Everywhere keyboard supports multiple languages and keyboard layouts. The entire app is also avalable in German and Russsain in addition to English.
Keychain Manager
Manage your keychain from your phone.
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